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March Mood ’23

Spring is in the air!  

Well, not really, but it definitely is in my head.  It’s still very chilly in Portland, but mentally I’m prepping for spring.  I feel like I needed the first few months of the year to rest and recalibrate before hitting go on the year. …

January ’23 Mood

I wasn’t ready for 2023. 

Normally, there’s nothing I love more than a fresh start – a blank canvas with endless possibilities. In years past, I often carved out time in December to reflect on the year, unplug, rest and consider the coming year such that when the new…

December Mood ’22

November was very busy, more so than I expected.  Between Thanksgiving, house projects and work, there was a lot of doing and not so much being or simply time reflect. Which is fine, but it but it definitely felt a little crazy!  At the same time, I feel like…