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I feel like I’ve been a little all over the place so rather than push myself to conform to a structure that I clearly don’t want to be following I figured I’d do a little brain dump of items popping into my head that I wanted to share in some form on another.

I realized that I have some pretty big holes in my closet when it comes to basic knitwear (shocking, I know!). Things like slightly oversized crewnecks and more oversized turtlenecks in navy, black and grey. Last night I pulled the trigger on a few navy sweaters in hopes that one will work. Specifically – this wool Alex Mill turtleneck in Navy (there’s also this cashmere one), this Lisa Yang turtleneck and crewneck

Currently reading The Scent Keeper by Erica Bauermeister before bed and so far really like it! It starts off a bit slow, but after about 70 pages or so it starts to get interesting. There’s a hint of magic to it even though it’s very much so rooted in real life. I’ve found that reading fiction before bed helps turn my brain off so if you have any good recommendations please send them my way!

We’re heading to Cabo in a week and as you know I’m always looking for swimwear that fits my proportions. A follower recommended Vetchy and even though I can’t order and get it in time, I wanted to share it for my fellow small banded, big busted ladies. I’ve also had Tona on my radar as well. Just waiting for them to add a 30 band size.

I mentioned this on stories, but wanted to throw it here too. I finally got myself another pair of sambas. Currently adidas only has the vegan ones (albeit in spotty sizes) the soccer sambas with a longer tongue. I did some digging on StockX and found the OG ones that are both leather and have a normal tongue. If you’re not super familiar with StockX, it’s a resale platform, primarily for sneakers and streetwear, that kind of works like the stock market. You can either buy something at the price that it is being asked for, or place a bid and see if any sellers take it.

Was reminded just how much I love these zit patches (I also have these that are more discrete). I’ve found that even with cystic pimples they help conceal the redness and speed up the recovery process.

Was very kindly gifted the ghd 1.25″ curling iron for Christmas and even though I prefer a larger barel size, I really do love it! My hair glides through and the curls last for days, literally, days. I’ve also been using this detangler and heat protector before drying and curling and love it! It smells divine and makes my hair oh-so-soft (even with it’s course texture).

I’ve been on the hunt for a good basic gluten-free, vegan, refined-sugar free chocolate chip cookie recipe and I feel like I have a winner! This recipe by Beaming Baker is both simple and delicious. I’m not going to lie, it’s definitely sweet, but oh so good. I was running low on ingredients so only used 1/2 cup sugar and just shy of 1/2 cup coconut oil and they still turned out great. I also forgot to chill the dough (that’s why you always read through the instructions first haha) but it didn’t seem to throw anything off!

Speaking of sweet and delicious things, if you have a sweet tooth and dietary preferences like me, I have a bevy of “healthy-ish” desserts saved here.

You all know I love a good black blazer (I have an edit coming soon for those of you looking for one!) and recently I’ve been wanting to add another one to my closet. I love the idea of something more shapely like this Frankie Shop one even though sadly it’s already out of stock again. This Aggi one also caught my eye. Kind of reminds me of this Hercipher one that’s also been on my mind.

I’ve been listening to the recording of my reading with Amy Lea, a human design reader and astrology, and am just reminded how fascinating these two subjects are. I’ve found immense value in human design as it pertains to owning who I naturally am vs. trying to fit into a system or structure. I love how Amy works with human design and astrology to paint a truly holistic picture of who you are and what’s going on for you at the moment. I could easily dedicate a whole blog post to human design so if it’s something you’re interested in let me know! In the meantime, if you want to learn more about human design, I highly recommend checking out Jenna Zoe’s content or listening to one of the podcasts that she’s been featured on. She does a great job explaining it!

Lastly, still on the hunt for the perfect pair of slim jeans for my body type and these AGOLDE Merrel one’s caught my eye! I don’t love that they’re stretch, but it’s only 1% so I’ll ignore it. I’m also going to give the Riley crop a try, and maybe even these cropped 90’s too even though they are a straight leg. I have a pair and like them, but sometimes, because they are 100% cotton they bag out a bit more than I would like. That or I’m just between sizes.

Happy Monday!


January 12, 2023



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