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the rose edit

I want to get in a better habit of curating pieces that I come across. Not just for you, but for me as well as I often have 18 different apple notes with “things that caught my eye” going at the same time!

In the past I’ve always been hesitant to do something like this, I never wanted to perpetuate over consumption. That being said, I think there is need for curation. I think we can all agree that there is a lot of product out there and that at times, even for someone like myself who loves perusing the interwebs, it can be overwhelming.

I personally love scrolling through other creators edits. Most retail buying and merchandising teams have several goals each season – build a cohesive assortment that services their key clientele’s needs, drive sales and sell-through, optimize inventory and service the brands that they carry (among other things). They’re juggling a lot. They leverage their own aesthetic eye, seasonal trend reports, and historical data to more or less guess what customers will want. I love more curated edits because they often (not always but most of the time) come with a unique pov and from a purely creative place.

When I shop I look at the overall style of a piece, but also fabrication (and it’s environmental impact), design, construction, fit and price as well. I’m still working on a name for this new series (hence the title), but for now, consider these posts a round up of noteworthy pieces (like this Jenni Kayne turtleneck I mentioned yesterday!). Pieces that have caught my eye or made it to my own wishlist and I think are worthy of investing in and that you can wear for years to come.   xx

January 9, 2023
January 23, 2023



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