January ’23 Mood

new year intentions and resolutions

I wasn’t ready for 2023. 

Normally, there’s nothing I love more than a fresh start – a blank canvas with endless possibilities. In years past, I often carved out time in December to reflect on the year, unplug, rest and consider the coming year such that when the new year rolls around I can hit the ground running. As January 1st, 2023 inched closer however, I felt anything but ready. I felt like I was still processing 2022, still wanting time to reflect on all that happened, still time to simply slow down and reconnect with myself after a busy holiday season.

Naturally, this made me feel behind. As 2022 highlights and reflections littered my feeds and filled my inbox I couldn’t help but feel like I had so much to catch up on.

I came across a post by Stella Simona last week that really shifted my perspective.  In short, she highlighted that “Western society has been encouraging us to “start anew” at the mark of January 1st which is peak winter when all of nature is hibernating”, how we can reposition ourselves to align more with nature’s cues, and how in other places in the world, the new year aligned with the beginning of spring.  I thought it was brilliant. 

So this year I’m trying something different – perhaps something that’s always felt I wanted to do, but often ignored – which is starting the year off slow. Rather than burning myself out trying to “catch up” and “start the year off strong” I’m easing into the year. January will be my month to recalibrate – to rest, clear out, clean up, assess – and strengthen my internal foundation as I let inspiration for the new year percolate.

A few things I’m focusing on this month:

  • Going to bed earlier (one week in and I’m already failing miserably at this haha)
  • Less screen time, more time with things that have physical pages
  • Spending more time in nature (my favorite thing about the PNW)
  • Cleaning out, and organizing, the systems that I use most – closet, inbox, camera roll, desk, vanity – the black hole that is underneath my sink.
  • Sell and donate the pieces that have been gathering dust (will be uploading things to Depop!)
  • Spa time – taking advantage of our membership at Root Whole Body (massage is already booked!)
  • Revisiting my closet wishlist to prioritize what I want to purchase this season

I hope you all have a lovely start to the new year! 



On The Calendar 

Nothing! Exactly how I want it.  Perhaps a few date nights out, a birthday brunch for a friend mid-month, but other than that I’m trying to keep my calendar open and fluid this month.  At the end of the month we have an early birthday trip to Cabo that cannot come soon enough.  My cells are craving warmth and sunlight haha. 


Still on the hunt for a good-sub $1.5k-shearling for these chillier months. I tried this delicious Totême coat when SSENSE randomly marked it down. While I love it (the color is so divine) I decided I wanted something less boxy and with more shearling on the inside, next to my body. Ordered this bad boy last week and am crossing my fingers it’s a winner! I also really enjoy this shearling for something more cropped. If you fancy the Totême one, keep an eye on it! It seems oddly in stock at most retailers so I have a feeling there will be a few opportunities to get it on sale.

Olivia Noceda’s new limited series podcast – I’ve always loved the wellness space, specifically tips and tools that support the body and help people feel their best. Over the years I’ve really paired back what wellness content I consume, but one person that’s been a constant is Olivia Noceda. I find her content not only beautiful, but incredibly grounding as well – it’s a vibe. She’s launching a new podcast on Jan 17th in which each season focuses on one topic (think depth instead of breadth). This season explores what she calls the “sober-curious” movement and our overall relationship with alcohol. It sounds fascinating.

Chris Corsini – I shared this on instagram, but dropping it here too! If you’re into astrology I highly recommend. The readings he gives are equivalent to what people pay 100’s of dollars for in private sessions. I also love that he does ASL with them.

Have had my eye on this merino wool Joseph puffer only to miss out on it when it went on sale.  However this cashmere puffer from The Curated is an alternative I’m considering!  I love the idea of a puffer that isn’t a ton of synthetic material. 

Spotted this knit while perusing cold weather wear and accessories at & other stories and the shape of it is stunning!  It’s giving Khaite with those sleeves.  I just wish it came in a neutral that worked better with my skin tone – me and cream have a very rocky relationship.  

Still working on my denim collection and just came across Still Here.  I love that they are using BCI certified cotton, organic cotton, and/or recycled cotton in a lot of their styles.  The Tate looks like a good alternative to Levi’s 501s and Wedgie’s. 

January 12, 2023



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