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January Mood ’22

At times, we just have to begin again. 

I know that one can technically “start fresh”, set goals and reset at any point in the year, but there’s something about the New Year energy that makes it feel so natural.  Especially this year for some reason.  It’s been deeply relaxing…

October Mood ’21

A little something about me: I despise mundane.  Actually, let me correct that, I appreciate routine, consistency and creature comforts, but/and/also I’ve found that after a while I crave new experiences, “figuring shit out” and, simply put, something different.  Being in Europe has given me the chance to do just…

September Mood ’21

And just like that…it was September. 

I can’t wrap my head around it!  It 100% still feels like Summer, although there are inklings of cooler weather on the horizon – crisp evenings, the lower sun in the sky…not sweating through your t-shirt.  This month is short and sweet as most…