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June Mood ’22

Hello from Portugal! 

A little late with my monthly update, but such is life!  We’ve been traveling in Portugal for the better part of this month (currently in Lisbon) getting some much needed beach time and enjoying navigating a new country.  The explorer in me is thriving. 

I feel like the…

May Mood ’22

Happy May! 

I feel like we are in the home stretch, both seasonally being so close to summer and literally with respect to selling the house and moving out of it.  We some how (miraculously) managed to clean up our house, list it and accept an offer before the end…

April Mood ’22

Happy first full month of Spring! Hopefully it’s starting to feel a little more like Spring where you are.  Portland has been shockingly pleasant outside of a few grey days here and there.  The cherry blossoms have bloomed which always gives me a bit of hope that warmer days…

March Mood

Hello hello!  

We’re still in California, currently in LA where we’ve been for the past month or so enjoying some much needed sun and warmth.  It’s been a breath of fresh air being down here, especially after the past two months during which I felt like I was in…

January Mood ’22

At times, we just have to begin again. 

I know that one can technically “start fresh”, set goals and reset at any point in the year, but there’s something about the New Year energy that makes it feel so natural.  Especially this year for some reason.  It’s been deeply relaxing…