April Mood ’22

april moodboard

Happy first full month of Spring! Hopefully it’s starting to feel a little more like Spring where you are.  Portland has been shockingly pleasant outside of a few grey days here and there.  The cherry blossoms have bloomed which always gives me a bit of hope that warmer days are coming. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

In a way, this month feels like a breath of fresh air.  After feeling “in it” for the better part of this year (and by “in it” I mean swirling in the ever illusive question of what do I want to do with my life) I feel like the clouds are parting and blue sky is peaking through.  I’m generally an optimistic, things-will-work-out kind of gal, but I’ll admit, the past few months have been hard for me for many of the reasons I mentioned last month.  

I don’t necessarily have a step-by-step plan or even a crystal clear vision of “what’s next”, but I at least feel more confident in the direction that I’m moving.  I feel like from a very young age I felt like I had to always have a long-term plan or my professional life “figured out” such that I never gave myself any hot seconds along the way to do or explore something simply because I enjoyed it.  Right now, I’m doing my best to allow myself the time and space to explore what I’m interested in and enjoy and see how it feels without worrying (too much) about how it’s going to turn out.  

In a way this month feels like a transition in so many ways.  It feels like a passage from where we’ve been, to where we are going, but not necessarily the end destination.  The space between if you will.  Perhaps its how the seasons change in the PNW, March always feels a bit too much like winter and April is when the temperature starts to warm and the days start to feel noticeably longer.  April is always the first taste of Spring here.  I’m excited for what the rest of this year will bring (especially some very exciting travel in the Summer!), but I’m also reminding myself to enjoy the in-between moment no matter how pleasant or messy it is.  




Focus on my foundation – professionally that could be branding, writing my bio, putting together the content that will move my business forward, personally that could be going to bed before midnight (the pandemic ruined my sleep schedule), setting firm boundaries with my screens etc. 

On The Calendar

A lot of adulting on the calendar this month.  We want to sell our house in Vancouver, WA and have been putting most of our attention on getting it cleaned up to list.  We do have a bit of fun planned though including a quick weekend away on Bainbridge Island and perhaps a trip down to Soter to pick up our latest wine club allocation.  I always love taking a day to go down to Oregon Wine Country – it’s a lovely change of scenery from the city!


My Mom got me this book for my birthday and I have to say it’s off to a great start.  Gives me similar-ish vibes to Untamed by Glennon Doyle (also highly recommend!).

Things Of Note

Recently came across this brand on Instagram and it is screaming for some space in my vacation wardrobe. 

Also stumbled across this post the other day and found it very insightful!

Speaking of Instagram, this page is a minimal aesthetic dream. 

Lastly, I’m going to try sharing more outfits on LikeItToKnowIt and linking pieces.  Eventually I’d love this to live on here, but for now LKT it is



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