November ’22 Mood

novembre mood

And just like that…it was the last two months of the year. 

Where did the time go!  I feel like October came and went in the blink of an eye.  I know I basically say this every month, but I feel like this year is flying by – like, aggressively flying by.  It feels like we’re in hyper-speed mode and like the world and everyone is moving so fast.  I often wonder if this is a byproduct of our news cycle and the rate at which we are exposed to and consume content.  Our 24/7/365 day access to, basically anything, creates very little time to be. I know for me being exposed to so much of what everyone else is doing sometimes leaves me feeling like I’m behind, or that I’m not doing enough.

With the holiday’s quickly approaching I’ve felt this even more. In seasons past I’ve tried to keep up – to do all the things.  However life is so much more enjoyable when you’re not trying keep up – when you’re not trying to match someone else’s pace for life.  It’s taken a while (and I’m still working on this), but what I’m coming to understand is that we all have our own unique way of moving through life, of seeing and experiencing the world.  When we lean into it and embrace what comes naturally to us, rather than push against it or litter our minds with what we “should” be doing, life gets sweeter.

Yes, this year I’m in favor of, not necessarily a slow holiday season, but definitely an indulgent one.  One that I can take my time with and really savor.  I’m planning to spend more time softening into the season – lighting candles, reading, dinners with friends and family, and watching lots of movies without being on my phone (don’t like, you know you do it too!) – and being more intentional with what I put on my plate.  When it comes to the goals I set out to achieve this year, rather than burn the midnight oil trying to get everything done, I’m going to refocus on the 1-2 items that bring me the most joy and will be the most impactful for me.  

If I can offer any advice or guidance as we gear up to close out 2022, it would be to protect your energy – take care of yourself.  Lean into what you need, what’s important to you, and what will make the rest of this year a good one for you.

On The Calendar

I started the month off with a solid girls night to Lizzo (such a good show!) while Chris was away on a guys weekend to see the Seahawks play.  

Chris and I have been busting our butts to wrap up lingering “clean up” projects around the house so that we can enjoy the holidays and focus on decorating rather than organizing.  We’re taking the next week or so do put a bow on our house projects after which we’ll turn our focus towards November birthdays (my parents birthdays are back to back…the same week as Thanksgiving…) and of course Thanksgiving.  

Thanksgiving will be at my mother-in-laws with almost all of the family.  In years past I’ve always hosted so I’m looking forward to being a guest for a change!  I’ve stepped back and let my Mom and MIL go full Martha Stewart on it.  I of course will be doing some cooking – I’m in charge of desserts and salad (naturally)!  

I’m also considering a little impromptu cocktail hour the night before Thanksgiving.  Even though our place is small, I think it could be fun to have some family over before heading out to dinner in Portland.  The real question is how many people can we fit in 900 sq ft….


I’ve spent this morning catching up on all the tabs I have open of article to read.  I found this Vogue Business article on sustainable fashion in Italy particular interesting and inspiring and was equally fascinated by this EcoCult article on Yak (relative to cashmere). Note to self – keep an eye out for knitwear and cold weather accessories made with yak.  

If you’re interested in sustainable fashion I highly recommend EcoCult.  

Listening To

I loved this TBM episode – How to Create The Career You Want (Part 1). I think it’s great for anyone that’s starting out in the creative field, building their own business, or that freelances.

’Tis The Season

As much as I bemoan the hustle and bustle of the season I really do love it!  Every year I feel like a little holiday elf putting together gift guides and curating holiday recipes for your next gathering.  A few things to note:

I created Master Holiday Board on Pinterest.  It’s filled with recipe recommendations by type (appetizers, cocktails, entrees, desserts) as well as cooking resources and, the newest addition this year, an outfit inspiration section 

Holiday Gift Guides – are rolling out! They will all live here when they are live. 

Lastly, lots of holiday outfit and style inspiration coming soon.  In the meantime, I’ve started saving outfit ideas here.





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    November 15, 2022

    Enjoyed reading this beautifully written post. Thanks for sharing w us XOXO, Cath

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      November 15, 2022

      So glad that it resonated with you. xx


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