Cold Weather Loungewear That you Can Take to the Streets

elevated loungewear

This week in Style Chat, someone asked about elevated loungewear that they can wear out of the house which inspired me to put together a more comprehensive edit of elevated loungewear and chat about how to style it.

First things first, I think the key to taking your loungewear to the streets is starting with a wide leg pant or a pant that has a wider leg opening (i.e. it could be more fitted through the leg). From here you can pair it a variety of tops and layers to kick it up a notch while maintaining peek cozy and comfort levels. A few combinations that I personally love: paired with knitwear (often an oversized crewneck, cardigan or turtleneck) gently tucked in at the waist, a button down or t-shirt with a sweater draped over your shoulders as a scarf, or a with hoodie paired with a tailored wool coat.

Second, I think fabric choice is equally as important as silhouette. In the cooler months, I gravitate towards, wool, cashmere and silky or satin materials (in the summer I lean more towards linen and silk). Even though it’s not the warmest, I love pairing a matching silk set with heels for dinner out.

From there you can add footwear and accessories accordingly. If I’m just popping out for coffee or to run a few errands, I’ll often throw on a loafer or my sambas. Alternatively sometimes I’ll thrown on a pair of heel with a knit pant and an oversized cardigan if I’m going out to dinner or grab a drink with a friend. Below are a few pieces that I think could easily transition from the couch to the streets.



November 11, 2022



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