May Mood ’22

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Happy May! 

I feel like we are in the home stretch, both seasonally being so close to summer and literally with respect to selling the house and moving out of it.  We some how (miraculously) managed to clean up our house, list it and accept an offer before the end of April and now have the month of May pack up and move out. 

It was a bittersweet few days filled with tears and all the feels as we ran through all of the memories from that house.  It’s the first place we lived together, where we got engaged, hosted our first Thanksgiving, and Christmas, together and endless family gatherings.  I most definitely had a moment when I saw the listing and was like “wait, are we making a horrible mistake?!?!”.  Ultimately we’ve been wanting this for a while.  We’ve both been craving something other than Vancouver, Washington for a while now and it feels good to clear some energetic space for whatever the next chapter brings. 

Needless to say this Spring has been less glamour and more adulting, which is fine, sometimes we go through stretches where just need to get sh*t done, but man am I hungry for some adventure and joie de vivre.  There were weeks last month during which I was so wrapped up in planning and strategizing various aspects of my life that I didn’t leave the house for several days at a time.  More or less falling into a quarantine COVID routine which I think we all can agree we got tired of in 2020.  I’m very much so looking forward to sprinkling in some spring fun in between sorting, donating and packing and a boat load more of it after we close next month. 


Work to live.  Not live to work.  One of the things that I realized at the beginning of this month was that I’ve been so focused on building a strong foundation  that I forgot to enjoy myself.  I have a tendency to “power through” things on my to do list under the false notion that once it’s done, then I can enjoy myself.  

On The Calendar

MOVING!  So much of our attention as been on moving out of the house and wrapping up last minute planning for our trip to Europe this summer.  Outside of more adulting we have a fun day planned down at Soter Vineyards where we are members and a few date nights here and there to break up the monotony of sorting, packing and donating. 

On My Wishlist



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