December Mood ’22

december holiday outfits

November was very busy, more so than I expected.  Between Thanksgiving, house projects and work, there was a lot of doing and not so much being or simply time reflect. Which is fine, but it but it definitely felt a little crazy!  At the same time, I feel like I’ve been able to enjoy the moments in-between the craziness.  So even though it’s felt a little intense, I feel like I’m getting that indulgent holiday season that I set out to create last month

It’s honestly hard to believe it’s already December!  I think it’s one of my favorite months.  I love the merriment it often brings – twinkly lights, big cups of hot cocoa, a good glass of red, jazz playing in the background, holiday movie marathons – I love it all!  As well as the holiday cheer that seems to infuse daily life.  I was chatting with someone the other day saying “it’s as if someone sprinkled a little holiday fairy dust over everything feel more special.” (Christmas lights certainly help too haha).  While I love gift giving (and finding a screaming deal for myself), I find myself indulging in simple pleasures during this time of year – cooking a nourishing meal with Chris, enjoying a bottle of wine and good conversation with friends, lighting a few extra candles at night, cozying up with a good book before bed – and really leaning into the shorter days. 

I appreciate the natural slow down, especially towards the end of the month, and am looking forward to closing my laptop for the last few weeks of the month for some true R&R.  This year was both wonderful and challenging in so many ways and while I’m excited for 2023 I can feel that I’m definitely in need of some reboot time.  I’m looking forward to ending 2022 on a high note and starting the new year off energized and inspired. 

On a different note, I know this time of year isn’t always merry and bright for everyone.  It can feel heavy – perhaps even lonely and sad.  If you are feeling that way, I see you, I know it’s hard right now, but it will get better – sending you a big hug!  

If I can offer any advice it would be to try to notice the silver linings, the good moments if you will, and when you do notice them, savor them, and I mean really savor them like you would your favorite dessert.  Focus on the things that fill your cup and do as many of them as you can – they don’t say “treat yourself!” for no reason, go on, pamper yourself – you deserve it.  And lastly remember that you get to write your own story.  It’s not always easy, but regardless of what happens to you or because of you, you get to decide how to show up. 



Speaking of filling cups, I want to carve out time for things that fill my cup. As a recovering busy bee I’m really good at taking on more than I can do in a day.  If I have time between meetings or tasks, I’ll often look to my to-do list to see what I can squeeze in or scroll on social, both of which leave me feeling pretty drained at the end of the day.  If you find yourself in a similar spot, my suggestion would be to make a list of what fills your cup, those activities that make you feel restored rather than depleted.  For me it’s, spending some time reading or journaling, getting a good nights sleep (I’ve been terrible at going to bed before midnight lately), taking a walk in nature, listening to a podcast, catching up with a friend or trying a new recipe. 

On The Calendar

Another busy month, but all good things!  We just got back from a week in San Francisco celebrating one of my friends weddings and visiting my brother and his wife.  We have our niece’s first birthday this coming weekend (send gift recommendations!) and then a quick trip to Seattle to see some friends and go to the Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle show.  

After that I think our travel schedule is empty until February.  We have a low key Christmas and New Years semi-planned in Portland.  Maybe some bubbles, a nice dinner dinner out in fancy outfits, capped off with a scrumptious dessert in pjs haha.  True glamour!  

Things of Note

A few random things that caught my eye…

Stumbled across these mohair throws while strolling Marin country market as well as these re-chargeable touch lamps that are indoor/outdoor. They come in lots of colors!  

In the same trip I found this Meg Cohen beanie and love how chunky and lush it is. 

Been loving this Sleeper set for the holidays! I actually have the one that doesn’t have the feathers on top, but am seriously contemplating this one. I’m loving grand sleeves atm.

I’m noticing more and more how dry my scalp is lately (thanks Portland winter).  Did a little research and came across this article on the difference between dandruff and dry scalp that has a few helpful tips for treating either condition.  I’ve found Act+Acre products to be the only ones that help (their Scalp Detox specifically) and am thinking about trying their Scalp Relief System

I recently adding aloe to my morning smoothies when I was traveling and I swear it’s already helped my dry skin.  Will be getting some for the house! 

p.s. all original images in the collage can be found here!



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