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For the people in your life that love a good skincare routine or wellness ritual.  Below are a few of my tried and true favorites (in addition to a few things I’m eyeing myself) that are sure to make any beauty, skincare or wellness lover still this holiday season.  

Goop Dry Brush – I dry brush every single morning and swear by it! I like how slender this one is.  I also really love my Kate McLeod one! It’s easy to back and looks beautiful in the bathroom.  

Sakara – I’ve always loved Sahara’s meal programs.  Especially during busy times when prepping lunch or dinner isn’t always feasible for me.  All of their meals are 100% plant-based, no meat, seafood, dairy, or egg and gluten-free and made with ingredients sourced from organic farms or farms using organic practices.  This would be great for someone that’s wanting to incorporate more plant-based foods.  

Wildling Beauty Gua Sha – if I’m not using my NuFace, I’m using this. 

NuFace Trinity – hands down one of my top 5 Elder Millenial Skincare products.  If I didn’t have a NuFace, I’d entertain a Theraface Pro (it looks like a Swiss Army knife of facial devices) or the Ziip which uses nano currents in addition to micro currents.  Nuface uses just micro currents.  If you have a much higher budget, I’ve been super curious about this clinical-strength at home laser that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately. 

Dr. Dennis Grossman Red Light Mask – another top 5 elder millennial skincare produce.  I did a bit of research before buying it because there’s a lot of devices on the market.  This one checked all the boxes in terms of price and light options.  It has both red (stimulates collagen and elastin production while reducing inflammation) and blue (reduces bacteria causing acne).  If I was looking to upgrade I would go for the MZ Skin device – it has red and blue light as well as green (reduces pigmentation, calms skin, and targets broken capillaries and sunspots), yellow (reduces redness and boosts circulation), and white light (penetrates deeply to promote wound healing and skin repair).  This article also had some great, more budget-friendly alternatives. 

Peak and Valley Adaptogen Blends – one of my favorite brands for adaptogen blends.  Nourish My Brain is my favorite and I’ve been meaning to try Restore My Sleep.  For single adaptogens, I really like Sun Potion.  When I was working to get my cycle back (and regular) I used (fill in) regularly. 

NuCalm Subscription – like a deep meditation on steroids.  My Mom uses this and swears by it.  She gifted me a two month membership and I have to agree, it was wonderfully restorative.  NuCalm is a patented, clinically-proven neuroscience technology that addresses the brain circuitry in the limbic system, the hypothalamus and the brainstem responsible for activating the stress response.  Simply put, it’s clinically proven to naturally relaxes the brain and body with minutes.    

Higher Dose Infrared Mat – I originally went to look at their Sauna Blanket and this mat caught my eye.  As self diagnosed empath and someone who works from home the majority of time, the PEMF therapy is very appealing.  They also have a smaller mat, at a smaller price point, that’s even more appealing!  If this is a bit too “woo-woo” for you, consider the Sauna Blanket which deliver a lot of the same benefits as an infrared sauna. 

VitaMix Blender – I cannot recommend a high-speed blender enough.  I’ve used mine daily since 2010 haha – and I swear they are cheaper now!  I use it to make nut milks, smoothies, and soups.  You can’t go wrong between Vitamin and Blendtec.  Most of the time I prefer Vitamin because I find their containers easier to scoop out.  

Marais Toothpaste – toothpaste was the last part of my routine that I non-toxified because it took me so long to find something that I liked.  This one has the minty freshness of Crest White with the added whitening.   

The Body Keeps The Score – full disclosure, I haven’t read this book, but it’s high on my list. This book explores how trauma (from small to large forms) literally reshapes both body and brain, compromising sufferers’ capacities for pleasure, engagement, self-control, and trust.  The author explores innovative treatments—from neurofeedback and meditation to sports, drama, and yoga—that offer new paths to recovery by activating the brain’s natural neuroplasticity.

Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlighter – I think a beauty set is one of the best ways to gift, but if I had to pick a handful of products, then this highlighter would absolutely be in my top 5.  It’s so subtle, lifting and incredibly moisturizing.  I currently have Nectar in my rotation for more golden pink glow (I also love “Lit”).  It also comes in a mini size which would be a great stocking stuffer or gift under $30. 

MERIT Bronze Balm Sculpting Stick – another makeup go to that’s been a fave as of late.  This bronzer is incredibly easy to apply and contour with (amateur contour-er over hear).  Just a few quick swipes and blend and you are good to go without any additional brushes. 

Saie Slip Tint – favorite tinted moisturizer (with spf!) to date! Gives a beautiful dewy look and just the right amount of coverage.  I often wear this daily paired with Saie’s hydra beam concealer. 

Biologique Recherche P50 – whenever I use this, I see immediate results.  When I was in Paris and shared that I got a facial at BR so many of you swore by this.  I’ll admit, I was skeptical, but it really is a winner.  There are a few kinds so make sure to pick the one that is best for your skin concerns. I also love their serums.  I think they are so effective! 

Dieux Skin Forever Eye Mask – one of my go-to stocking stuffer gifts.  They’re reusable and can be used with almost every eye cream.  Also suitable (and easy to use) for the fellows that want to part take in some eye care – Chris loves his! 

Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn Oil Cleanser – an old faithful that always leaves my skin glowing and perfectly moisturized.  I’ve used this on and off for a few years and every time I come back to it I wonder why I stopped use it.  I’ll admit, it can be a bit time-consuming (especially at the end of the day taking off makeup), but it always makes my skin so happy.  Highly recommend following Noy Skincare for how to cleanse with it, as well as this article

Journal – I’ve often found that the best wellness rituals are the ones that bring you back to yourself and help you connect with the deeper wiser part of you.  Journalling, and carving out the time to put my reflections on paper, has been such a gift for me over the past few years and helped me navigate many challenging times. 

Equilibria Daily CBD Drops – I’ve been using these on and off for a year plus and whenever I do I notice that I’m overall less anxious and sleep better.  They also have a capsule form of CBD for those that are sensitive to taste. 

Happy gifting!



November 22, 2022



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