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As some of you may know, I am a big fan of treating yourself.  I’m a firm believer in being your own Valentine regardless of your relationship status and that we don’t need someone else or a specific day to bestow love upon us to feel love for ourselves. 

Since my birthday and Valentines Day fall within a week of each other, I generally treat myself to a little tlc (often in the form of a facial or massage) and piece of jewelry to commemorate another trip around the sun.  These are few places that are typically my first stop during this time of year!   

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! 

P.S. All of these brands are female-founded and aim to make responsibly made pieces at more affordable price points – we love!


As some of you may already know, I love everything that KINN does.  All of their pieces are 14K gold, responsibly made and intentionally sourced.  I’m slowly building a little collection of their pieces. 

Laura Lombardi 

One of my favorite brands for chunkier pieces that are still timeless and minimal.  Their pieces are either recycled brass or gold or platinum plated recycled brass which makes them a bit more affordable than solid gold or platinum.  One of my first pair of earrings that I bought when I committed to investing in responsibly made, timeless jewelry several years ago was a pair of Laura Lombardi earrings from Net-a-Porter and I still wear them to this day! 


A good all around option with lots of different metal options and beautiful pieces at various price points.  My current everyday earrings are from Mejuri and I absolutely love them!  

Ana Luisa

A brand that’s been on my radar, but have never tried.  Similar to Mejuri, they have a lot of different mental options at various price points all of which they produce with the environment and traceability in mind.  

J. Hannah

Another brand that’s been on my radar, but I haven’t personally tried yet. All of their pieces are made form 100% post consumer recycled 14K gold or sterling sliver and everything is made in LA. 

Catbird NYC

Catbird is both it’s own jewelry brand and a retailer for a small selection of other jewelry brands like Jennie Kwone (another favorite of mine).  All of their jewelry is made in their Brooklyn studio with ethically sourced gold and conflict-free stones.  Unlike Laura Lombardi, Catbirds collection is more fine and dandy which I love for everyday wear. 

Au Rate

Another NYC born and raised brand, Au Rate is another go-to for simple everyday gold jewelry.  I have a few rings from them that I adore and have given their jewelry as gifts to several women in my life.  They ethically source, sustainably make, and only use solid 18K and 14K gold in all their jewelry.  All of their pieces come with a lifetime guarantee and care which I can personally get behind! 

February 15, 2022



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