Everything I’m Adding to my Spring Wardrobe (That I Can Still Wear this Summer)

While spring is well underway, I would be remised not to mention the pieces that I’ve been looking to add to my spring wardrobe.  Now, in Portland, spring is kind of non-existent.  It’s typically a slightly milder version of winter with a sprinkling of days that feel like what I normally associate with spring – a brisk morning that turns into a warm afternoon such that you can pop off the jacket you grabbed walking out the door.  There are few days where cute spring tops paired with jeans and flats, dare I even mentioned an open-toed shoe, are feasible.  That being said, it’s typically mild enough that we can kiss our heavy layers goodbye and lean into lighter layers and more delicate footwear.  Here are some key items that I’m looking to add to my closet as we transition from spring to summer. 

Denim, lots of it.

A perennial favorite for sure, but this season I’ve got my eyes set on off-white and wide leg denim.  I’ve been gravitating towards more relaxed silhouettes that still feel polished and will continue to do so as the weather warms up.  I’ll be frank – I’m very particular about the fit of a maxi skirt so it’s been hard to find one that I love.  Styles that have a slit in the front, in off-white and lighter washes appear to be what my eye is gravitating towards most.

Jackets that aren’t blazers

Over the past few years I’ve realized that the biggest hole in my closet is in the outerwear department – namely jackets.  I almost always reach for a blazer to add warmth without the length or bulk of a long coat, however, I don’t always want the formality of a blazer.  It took me a while to figure out what I wanted, but after a few deep dives on IG and Pinterest I’ve honed in on more cropped jackets (think a cropped trench, bomber, or “lady jacket”) that pair well with high-waisted denim, skirts, and dresses, leather and/or suede jackets, unlined wool-cashmere jackets (Toteme nailed this one imo) and army green or beige cotton canvas jackets that have a more country-utilitarian vibe. 

A Touch of Silver

Tbh I thought I would be a gold girlie for life, but after adding a pair of silver earring to my collection I’m fully onboard the silver train.  I love adding silver in the form of an accessory – jewelry, ballet flats, these Celine pumps that I keep stalking – but I’m also not opposed to the silver pants that keep floating around.  Everyone needs a party pant right?  They’re definitely loud, and I’m sure they will come and go, but I love the idea of incorporating them into holiday look or pairing them with basics for a more relaxed vibe. 

50 Shades of Off-White

I have definitely found my eye gravitating to off-white shades this spring.  From the off-white flat, to a timeless monochromatic look – white, off-white and the many shades in-between (ivory works too if you are someone with a warmer complexion) are quickly becoming my favorite spring neutrals.  I’m currently on the hunt for a cute off-white handbag to add to my spring/summer handbag rotation. 

A Good Feminine Flat

As much as I love a good pair of heels, there’s nothing like a comfortable pair of chic flats.  I find myself gravitating towards more feminine styles like Mary Janes and flats with a more almond or pointed toe.  I’ll also add kitten heels and low heeled slingbacks to this category.  They’re one of my favorite ways to add a little lift without sacrificing comfort and walkability. 

Maxi Skirts

Still very much so on the maxi train from last fall.  With warmer temps I’m leaning into silky slip and linen skirts, long pencil skirts and the aforementioned denim skirt. 

Tastefully Sheer Moments

If you’ve been following any content around fashion trends this year then you’ve probably come across “the sheer” trend – clothing and accessories that, you guessed it, are sheer and show whatever park of the body is underneath it. It’s very 90s and I love it, but when it’s done in tasteful way.  When done correctly, it adds a touch of femininity and elegance to any outfit. From blouses to dresses, sheer fabrics allow for a subtle peek of skin while still keeping you covered up.

Beige Tailoring

Tailored pieces in general are a must-have for any wardrobe imo, and this year I’m determined to find the perfect beige and/or tan suit that’s been on my wishlist for a year or two.  Obviously there are many options out there at this time of year – blazers, trousers, shorts, I’ve even seen the pencil skirt making a comeback in street style.  I personally have my eye on separates that I can style and wear all year round. Once I check those off, then I’ll look to other fabrications and styles that are more specific warm weather. 

Woven Touches

This is definitely more summer for me, but if I lived in a warmer part of the world I would be reaching for woven items much earlier in the year.   Whether it’s a bag, espadrille, or something crochet, woven pieces add a nice touch of texture to any outfit.  I’ll be incorporating a crochet dress or skirt into my summer wardrobe.  Woven pants or a top are also a great option for a relaxed yet put-together look.  I’ll also be adding a woven or textured handbag or two my collection.  I feel like I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect raffia tote that I can travel with – I’m seriously considering the Khaite Osa bag even though I think I could fit in it.  

Lightweight Knits

Lastly, I always keep an eye out for lightweight knits.  They are a great option for layering during the transitional months, especially in the morning and evening.  I like to focus on cotton, linen, and light cashmere tops to add a little extra warmth without the extra bulk. 



May 26, 2023



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