Fall 2022 Trends That I Can Get Behind (And A Few That I Just Can’t)

fall 2022 fashion trends

We’ve all felt it

…the subtle shift in the air, your eyes lingering on your sweaters when you open your closet, the almost primal instinct to order a hot latte after Labor Day – the tell tale signs that summer is in fact coming to an end, and with it a fond farewell to warm weather wear. 

As much as I love summer and soaking up as much sun as humanly possible, I have an equal appreciation for fall.  I welcome its cooler days and slower pace, but most of all, I live for its fashion.  There’s nothing I love more than throwing on a chunky knit with a pair of denim, sliding into a pair of buttery soft leather pants again, or busting out my boots that haven’t seen the light of day since April.  With October well underway I’ve fully turned my attention towards my closet and perusing the interwebs for pieces to round out my fall wardrobe.  I often take a more measured approach when reading trend reports, carefully considering which pieces I can build a long-term relationship will and which ones are perhaps just a fling.  Below are a few fall 2022 trends that I can definitely get behind…and a few that I just can’t.  

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I’ve always had a thing for loafers so I’m glad that they are getting the attention that they deserve. While much of the fashion world leaned in hard to lug-sole loafers last year I continue to gravitate so something a bit more understates and less chunky.  I personally love that the penny loafer is having a moment, then again, I’ve always gravitated towards more masculine pieces.  To me loafers are the same caliber as the ballet flat – they go with practically any outfit and always add an air of sophistication to a look.   I haven’t decided what color loafers I want to add to my closet, but the top runners are something in the mahogany family or a two-tone color (in neutrals obvi). 

fall 2022 trends penny loafers

Relaxed Denim

Like much of my generation, the tradition to a looser fitting denim has been gradual.  It started with a slim-straight, often paired with flats. Then came the straight leg (I tested the water with the Riley) which I enjoyed and got me curious about other straight leg fits like Levi’s 501s and AGOLDE 90s pinch waist (now staples in my closet).  Lately though, I’ve found myself gravitating even more to wide leg silhouettes, especially in darker tones.  I’ve always loved a wide leg in trouser form so why not extend that same appreciation to denim?  I don’t think I will ever embrace the low-rise baggier fits that I’ve seen on my younger counterparts, but I can definitely get behind a high-rise wide-leg pair or a slouchy straight with a bit of pooling at the foot. 

fall 2022 trends relaxed denim

Knee High Boots

I’ve always loved a good knee high boot.  For the longest time my collection has been a black and brown riding boot, as well as a light tan and charcoal boot (same style that I got from a J.Crew sample sale years ago!), but the past few years I’ve been wanting to update and refine my collection a bit. Last year I picked up these boots from Neil J. Rodger and this year I’ve got my eye on a pair of brown boots (I’m leaning towards the Jimmy Choo Madera).  I’ve also always been about the chunkier boots that have been on trend the past few years, but as you all know, I’m very selective with my “chunk”.  If I were to try it, these Stand ones would be the one’s I would try. 

fall 2022 trends knee high boots

Lots of Leather

In seasons past I’ve reserved leather exclusively for handbags and shoes.  Last year I dabbled in leather pants (and loved I might add), but this fall I’m cautiously optimistic about adding a few other leather pieces to my closet in the form of a blazer or trench coat, perhaps even a mini skirt.  

fall 2022 trends leather

Long Hemlines

I was not expecting to go for this, but after perusing some inspiration, I am on board!  In all honesty it was this Row skirt that really sold me.  There are many floor-grazing styles out there that I don’t love, but I can definitely get behind a long slip dress, cozy knit dress paired with boots or long pencil skirt.  

fall 2022 trends long skirts

Bags That Hold Your Life

I’m glad fashion is finally coming back to bags that can hold your entire life because I love them.  I’ve carried my black Cuyana tote for years now and I would love to add a more structured tote and/or brown one (see below obsession with brown suede) to my collection.   I’ve got my eye on Little Lifner’s medium tote in the Chestnut. I love the curved edge! 

fall 2022 trends oversized bags

A Touch of Western

Believe it or not, the cowboy aesthetic is having a moment and while that’s not enough for me to saddle up and start donning a cowgirl hat, I have found myself gravitating towards boots with more western details.  Think thicker slanted heels, almond or slightly square-shaped toe boxes, and the quintessential western stitching, but in a sleeker, less rugged execution.  I’m interested in what Khaite likes to call, the “urban cowboy” boot.  While I love the Khaite ones (albeit way out of my budget atm), I’ve recently been leaning towards these Anine Bing ones or these Isabel Marant ones. Similar to loafers, I think these are another piece of footwear that will ebb and flow in popularity when it comes to fashion, but always been au courant.  

fall 2022 trends western

Chocolate Brown

Saving the best for last!  One of the first things I noticed during the fall shows was the abundance of gloriously rich brown tones.  We’re talking shoes, handbags, knitwear, coats – all of it.  The pieces that really caught my eye though were brown suede *chefs kiss*.  Come to think of it I don’t have much brown in my closet (I have a lot of tan) so perhaps this is a sign from the Universe that it’s time to round out my color palette…

fall 2022 trends chocolate brown

Honorable Mentions

Ballet Flats

I have a soft spot for ballet flats.  They’re the style of shoe where I can could have one really good pair and be good (as opposed to loafers…I can literally justify any pair). I’ve been loving some of the more square toe takes on the classic round toe ballet flat.  And of course we have the Chanel ones which can do no wrong.  

Power Suits

I’ve been in a long term relationship with trousers and blazers for several years now and more recently started dabbling in waistcoats so I feel like a 3-piece suit is the natural next step for me.  I prefer the more oversized looks – a wider leg, slightly larger shoulder – that’s refined, but uncomplicated. 

The Ones I’ll Be Passing On…

Knee Length Skirts

Being a top tall 5’4” gal I’m in the business of making my legs appear longer than they actually are.  In my humble opinion, knee length skirts or skirts that hit just below the knee (the worst offenders) simply aren’t cutting it.  If I had a corporate job then maybe I’d entertain a knee length pencil skirt here or there paired with a low heel, but for now, it’s a pass for me. 

Low Rise Anything

Call me an elder millennial, but once again, low rise denim does nothing for my proportions.  Truth be told I actually don’t mind the look.  I’ve seen some great outfits consisting of a pair of relaxed trousers slung around the hips paired with a crisp tank and blazer, but for now, this is also a pass for me. 

Cargo Pants

I just can’t – I’m not cool enough for cargo pants haha.  I’ve seen some fashion girlies pull it off with a great pair of heels, but when it comes to my everyday vibe it’s a hard pass for me. 

October 17, 2022



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