We all know that suitcase space is limited enough on trips, not to mention long trips with multiple stop.  All the more reason to pack a curated assortment of things that: 1) you love to wear no matter how you are feeling or what time of the month it is, 2) can be worn in many different ways, and 3) are perfectly suited for the trip (weather, activities, etc.) that you are taking.  Now that I’ve packed and re-packed several different times, there are few pieces that definitely reached MVP status during our travels in Europe. 

I know I might sound like a broken record with these, but they came in so handy in so many different situations and are just that good! 

Simple Gold (Convertible) Earrings

Despite having a jewelry box full of earrings, I’m pretty sure I wore my KINN earrings everyday except for one night when I wore my “fun” earrings.  Most of the time I wear them without the pearl drop (can also be purchased without the pearl drop), but for nights when I wanted to feel a little more classy I would wear them with the pearl (and do my best not to tell Chris every 5 minutes that I was the girl with the pearl earring).  I love that they are 100% 14K gold and super lightweight. Win, win.

5 things i'm glad i packed for two months in europe

Oversized Cocoon Cardigan 

This Jenni Kayne sweater was my “in case it gets cold sweater” for our trip. Something that I could throw on for a morning juice run, wear on a chilly plane or train, wear on its own with linen shorts or trousers if it was in fact that cold, or with my silk dress for a more casual dress look, or drape over my shoulders for some coastal grandma vibes. It definitely got more use than I thought it would.

Linen Crop Top

This was an unexpected MVP.  I was shocked by how much I wore this!  When I packed it it was my “beachy-vacay-top” for when we were in southern Portugal and the south of France, but it also came in super handy when we had a couple heat waves in Paris.  If tops were rated on a scale of sauna to air conditioner this one would be classified as the best air conditioner due to how much air flow it allows in the boob area.  It’s also extremely flattering because it highlights the waist.  I loved wearing this with these with both shorts and trousers.  I’ve also worn it on past vacations with a simple skirt. 

5 things I'm glad I packed for two months in europe

Slip Dress

The classic slip dress is a staple in any capsule wardrobe for a good reason.  Perfect with flats for walking around during the day or dressed up with heels for dinner at night.  And although I never did it, it can also be worn with a sweater and belt or worn with a t-shirt or tank underneath it for a more casual 90’s vibe. I personally love my Joseph slip dress that I snagged last year on sale. It’s a bit spendy, but the cut is really spot on, it hugs in all the right places.  There are lots of options out there though! Other favorites for simple silk pieces are Anine Bing, Refine, Reformation and Silk Laundry.

5 things i'm glad i packed for two month in europe

White Linen Trousers

I think I could wear these linen trousers everyday. Prior to this summer white linen trousers had been on my summer shopping priority list.  I tried a lot of different styles, but these Bec and Bridge ones were the best for me when it came to fit, fabrication, and style.  They were a little more expensive than some of the options that I looked at from Reformation, Dissh and Aritzia, but it was worth it given how much I preferred the fit and fabrication.  I did size up and had them tailored.  I personally hate when pants feel like they are giving you rolls that you didn’t know you had so I will always opt to size up and tailor to get the right fit. 

5 items i'm glad I packed for two months in europe





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