May Mood ’21

Santa Barbara California

Hello May!  It’s hard to believe that it’s already May and Summer – and orange wine, long sunny days, and copious amounts of fresh juicy fruit –  is just around the corner.  I’m so ready for it!  I feel like we’ve all been hanging in there for a while now and with the weather getting warmer, the days getting longer, and more and more people getting vaccinated, there’s an optimism in the air that is breathing life it many aspects of life. 

I’m currently in Santa Barbara writing this, our first stop on our week long journey back to Portland from California.  I gave a short update on our trip over on Instagram, but I would love to do something longer form on here.  After Santa Barbara, we head to Carmel, where we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day with some of my family, before high-tailing it back to Portland. 

Overall it’s been a wonderful trip, but I am hitting that point where I am ready to be back home.  I’m excited to be in one place for a little bit and get back to some of the bigger projects we have going on.  After a while I get tired of unpacking and repacking which is more or less what we will be doing over the next week.  It probably wouldn’t be nearly as bad if I simply packed less, but let’s be real, that’s a skill that took years to build and that I quickly lost during 2020.  

The rest of the month will be pretty quiet.  Well, quiet in the sense that we are not traveling anywhere and don’t have any big plans.  Our main project is moving into our condo in the city and moving out of our house outside of the city that we’ve been living in for the past six years.  It will certainly be an undertaking, but one that’s been a long time coming. Get ready for more decor and furniture content! xx

On The Calendar

We kick off the month making our way back to the PNW.  Our first stop is Santa Barbara where we book several nights at The Belmond Encanto followed by a long weekend in Carmel where we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day.

Outside returning to Portland, we are finally getting our cabinets installed at the condo at the end of the month!!   We designed custom oak cabinets {inspo here} for the small den we have off of the kitchen that will more or less be our office once we move in.  We still have to measure for the quartz counter top, but it’s nice to feel like we are finally making progress on the space.  Next up, dressers. 


Liver Rescue by Anthony Williams – I’ve been drinking celery juice for a while based on the Medical Medium’s work and felt it was time to dive a little deeper.  My Mom shared an excerpt from this book with respect to Reynaud’s {something I developed in college and haven’t been able to shake or figure out where it came from} and it resonated so deeply that I bought my own copy.  

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman – I’ve heard so much lovely feedback about this book.  I’m just a few pages in, but it kind of reminds me of the move Up! 

Listening To

Honestly not a lot.  I basically listen to my weekly Chani Nicholas astrology reading and that’s it.  I’m definitely overdue for some new podcasts so please send me recommendations!   I generally like entrepreneurial podcasts, but am open to any all!

On My List

Attire just launched their latest collection and I am love love loving this trench.  

I’ve always loved POSSE and have had my eye on these trousers and this crop top since last summer.   

If you couldn’t tell I’m on a bit of a linen kick; it’s one of my favorite materials to wear in the summer.  I’ve been looking for a linen blazer now that that weather is warming up and all of the wool ones that I have feel a bit too warm and this ASCENO one is checking all the boxes. 



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