September Mood ’20

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This September feels bitter sweet. 

For the past two years we’ve typically been traveling at some point in September.  Last year it was Italy, the year before Bali, this year, had it not been for the travel ban, we probably would have planned another trip to Europe.  As each month of 2020 passes by I feel my soul longing for the excitement that comes with a new adventure to an unexplored destination.  Some days I find myself down, perhaps emotionally drained, craving a change of scenery and feeling like I’ve squandered my time at home with busy work and mindless browsing on the internet instead of diving into hobbies and interests I’ve complained about “not having the time” to pursue in years past.  Other days, I’m excited, inspired by personal projects, topics I want to write about and photos I want to take, eager to take action. 

With this September, and the incumbent arrival of fall, cooler weather {even though it’s well over 80 degrees still}, and shorter days comes a moment of pause for me.  Time to reflect and take stock of how I’m showing up and moving through my days and recalibrate based on how I want to show up and life that I want to create. I don’t know about you, but for the majority of 2020 I feel like I’ve been in a vicious cycle of consuming and reacting.  As we move into a new season I’m trying to shift my focus into consuming less, creating more and leaving space to just breath, 

Inspired By

The change of seasons!  I love summer, sundresses and sunshine {and of course linen}, but I love a good blazer, a chunky knit and of course a killer wool coat.  Even though in Portland we are just now hitting our second summer {September into early October is typically warm} I am eager to bust out some of my fall favorites and pick up a few new pieces.  In typical minimal fashion, I’ve been gravitating towards earth tones this year – camel, khaki, copper, the occasional olive green, along with what I’ll call “air tones” – grey, soft blues, navy, off-white, beige.  With work from home life looking more like the norm for the rest of the year, I’m focused on versatile pieces in natural fibers {cotton, wool, silk, hemp, cashmere} that can be dressed up or dressed down and can handle the numerous seated positions that I often take in my desk chair. 


I finally finished Untamed by Glennon Doyle {if you have not heard me rave about this book yet, it is a must read in my opinion} and before picking back up on A Gentleman in Moscow, I decided to give This is Not A Fashion Story by Danielle Bernstein a try.  I’m almost finished and have loved reading it.  It’s very relatable {even if you haven’t spent time in fashion or New York} and feels like you’re out at coffee with or reading an email updated from a close friend.  What I’ve been surprised by most though, was what her story brought up for me.  As I read her story about pursuing her passions at FIT, starting her blog, building her collection, and being unapologetically herself through it all, it made me realize just how much I love fashion and design and, for a moment, made me wish that I had gone to school for fashion design and business {fun fact when I was a Sophomore in college I looked at transferring to do so, but decided against it}.  More importantly though, her stories helped me clearly see the times in my life when I didn’t have my own back; the times when I wasn’t confident in my own abilities and as a result, made choices from a place of fear and expectation.  It was a healthy reminder that we only get this life to live so why not make the most of it.  

Some favorites on my radar

I have been on the hunt for a little tray or container that I can put our soap and sponge in on our kitchen counter. I tried this box from CB2, which was nice, but I didn’t realize it was lined and would just harbor mold if it got wet! I’ve got my eye on this box {or this one!} or a tray with a ceramic sponge holder {in the Dock color}.

Ok I can’t take credit for this as my now sister-in-law used these at her wedding. I ordered one for each family member to hold on to and use during holidays!

I’m in the market to upgrade my black wool coat {the one I have is from high school!}. I’ve got my eye on this one from Wardrobe NYC. It’s definitely an investment, but to me, a simple black wool coat is one of those pieces that never goes out of style and is a staple of any wardrobe. I’ll get tones of use out of it for many years. I want something that’s going to hold up! Bonus points: the wool is Woolmark certified.

I feel like I’ve definitely taken my skincare game to the next level this year. Anything to mix up the days and show myself a little TLC while spending more time at home. I’ve got my eye on this bad boy {as well as a coupon lol} to take my at home facials to the next level!

I have had my eye on these since early quarantine and I’m just about ready to pull the trigger on them. {Update: I just got these and they’re everything I dreamed of!}

October 3, 2020



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