Yogurt Parfait

Sometimes you have those weeks that are so busy you barely have time to pee. Hopefully it’s not the norm, but when it happens this is a perfect breakfast or afternoon snack to start your day or keep you going. I typically make it using homemade yogurt and a low sugar granola without a lot of preservatives or artificial ingredients.  I make my own coconut yogurt using fresh young coconut meat and/or cashews (recipe coming soon!), however you can also use any low sugar brand at the grocery store.  I tend to stick to unsweetened options, since most fruit flavors have cane sugar added.  Although, pricey, my favorites are The Coconut Cult and Coco Rico.  Dairy yogurt is totally acceptable too!  However, if you do eat dairy, then please make sure it is grass-fed and/or organic. Quality is queen.

Granola is tricky. Most of the granolas I see in the breakfast aisle are loaded with sugar.  I love a good sweet treat, but we do not need THAT much sugar on a daily basis. Straight up, sugar is addicting. Studies have shown that its as addicting, if not more addicting, as cocaine. Yes you read that right.  It’s also highly inflammatory.  Reducing or limiting your sugar intake, including healthy forms of sugar and sugar alternatives, can improve sleep quality, mood, skin, cognitive function and help lower your risk of chronic disease.

With that being said, I’m constantly on the look out for products that are low in sugar.  Purely Elizabeth is one of my favorite brands of granola because their granolas are straight up and simple, like what you would make at home.  They are made with quality, whole food ingredients and are refined-sugar free, non-gmo, organic, gluten-free and vegan. They’re products in general are really versatile and go beyond breakfast (their cookbook is great!) and they recently started making paleo options if you are grain-free.

P.S. this is not sponsored, I’m just a fan of their products. There are a lot of options at the grocery store and sometimes it’s hard to find good products with quality ingredients.

I’ve also read great things about Paleonola. They are paleo and all the things free: gluten, dairy, soy, grain, preservative, filler, artificial ingredients-free. I have not tried it yet, but from the outside, it looks good!


  • creamy
  • crunchy
  • sweet n’sour
  • quick


  • probiotics
  • healthy fats
  • low sugar
  • blood sugar management

Yogurt Parfait


  • 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut yogurt
  • 1 scoop Vital Proteins collagen peptides (optional)
  • 1/2 cup granola
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • Extra toppings (optional): goji berries, cinnamon, cacao powder, fresh fruit


  1. If you’re using collagen peptides, mix it with your yogurt before building your parfait.
  2. Add 1/4 cup yogurt to the bowl or glass. Top with 1/4 cup granola. Repeat.
  3. Top with almond butter and any additional toppings.



March 26, 2018



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