Comporta was easily one of my favorite parts of our trip.  It reminds me of what I imagine Montauk or the Hamptons were like before they became what they are today.   

To me, it’s very much so a beach town – you come to relax, take in the beauty of your surroundings, eat some good food and enjoy the company you’re with.  You won’t find clubs or bars to hit up at night, but you will find some killers spots to enjoy seafood.  

We spent 3 nights in the area and to be honest, I wish we stayed 4 or 5 primarily because we were desperate for some time to unplug and relax in the sun.  We opted to stay at Spatia.  It’s a bit further from the beach, and, at the time we went, a bit cheaper than some of the other “proper hotels” in the area, but perfect for what we needed.  If we ever make it back, I would love to stay at Quinta de Comporta or Sublime or rent a villa with friends and family.  


Quinta de Comporta – Probably my favorite of the more “luxury” hotels in the area.  (Plug architect) – if you like Kelly Wearstler and the Santa Monica Proper Hotel, then you will absolutely love it here.  We had dinner there one of the night and loved it so much that we came back the next for drinks on their massive deck looking over the rice fields.  I’m kicking myself for not booking a facial or massage at their spa, however I did pick up a few of their skincare products that they make in-house.  So far I highly recommend their cleanser – best oil cleanser I’ve tried yet! 

Sublime – We stopped in for dinner one of the nights here and I would say it is equally as magical as Quinta da Comporta. Rather than being surrounded by nothing, the hotel is nestled in the woods so it kind of feels like you’re at an adult summer camp. 

Spatia – The cheaper of the more “luxury” hotels in the area, however I have a feeling that once their beach club and spa are finished in 2023 that the prices will be more in-line with Quinta de Comporta and Sublime.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay there (the breakfast spread was top notch) even though we got eaten alive by mosquitos.  Highly recommend the octopus salad – it was the best octopus we had all trip. 

Casa ne Areia and Cabanas no Rio by Silent Living – This is definitely a more unique and immersive experience, but something that caught my eye.  I originally found Silent Living via their Lisbon hotel and immediately got Palazzo Daniele vibes.  They have several properties sprinkled around Portugal, all with a different look and feel.  I would love to stay at one of their properties 

Rent a Villa – There are lots of beautiful rentals in the area. If we stayed for more than a few nights I would have gone this route to save on lodging expenses.


Mar d’Arrozal at Quinta de Comporta – We stopped in for dinner one night and happy hour another night.  A lot, if not everything, comes from their on-site garden and locally sourced. 

Sem Porta at Sublime – We had one of my favorite dinners while we were there. I took a gamble and went for the vegan option which was a green curry and I was blown away by the freshness and flavor. 

sem porta sublime comporta portugal

Sublime Beach Club – A great spot on the beach for lunch or dinner with lots of seafood and vegetarian options.  Rent sun-beds on the beach for the day and then have lunch when you need a break from the sun

Nesto at Spatia – I’m convinced this place is underrated.  We had lunch by the pool when we arrived and had the best octopus salad and gazpacho along with a big leafy salad.  We also had dinner there one night that was equally delicious. 

Restaurant Sal – About a 20 minute walk on the beach from Sublime Beach Club and great for an ocean front lunch.  We opted for a whole fish, grilled with salads.  

O’Dinis – We didn’t eat here, but I read good things about it and their seafood forward menu.  It’s right next to Sublime Beach club. 

Comporta Cafe – We didn’t go, but it looks like a great spot on the beach with standard beach fare.

Be Comporta – Cute little cafe in Comporta with a robust menu. Lots of vegetarian and vegan options along with juices and smoothies.

Gulato Comporta – I came across this place while perusing GoogleMaps.  Even though I don’t eat dairy, this look like a delicious option if you do! 


Check out the beaches –  The main attraction of Comporta. We went to Praia de Carvalhal both days and rented sun-beds at Sublime Beach Club.  There’s also Praia do Prego and Praia da Comporta, equally gorgeous.  Maybe it was the time of year we were there, but it was anything but crowded which I really enjoyed. 

Explore Comporta – Comporta is sweet little town to walk around.  We didn’t spend too much time there because we got there late in the day.  If you go, check out Coté-Sud Comporta, they have a great assortment and selection of brands, as well as Panareha which is primarily a men’s shop, but fun to poke around in. 

Get a spa treatment at Quinta de Comporta or Sublime – Both spas look like a little slice of zen heaven.

Roam around Carvalhal – Another quaint little town to stroll around is Carvalhal.  There are a few boutiques on the main drag that are fun to pop into. Do yourself a favor though and leave your wallet at home when you pop into Jacques Grange and Pierre Passebon’s Stork Club, you’ll want to buy everything and redecorate your house. 



comporta portugal



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