March Mood ’21

March moodboard

Happy March!  I’m slowly starting to see glimpses of Spring here in Portland, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.  The PNW has a way tricking you into thinking the weather has turned only to slide in a week of rain and 40 degrees.  Nevertheless though, I am optimistic and patiently waiting for the first day of Spring.  

March is a big month because we are finally going on our Cali road trip!!  We still have a lot of planning to do, along with packing and organizing for being on the road for the better part of two months.  There’s so much that I’m looking forward to with this trip; obviously sunshine, but more importantly a break from what I’ll call the COVID grind.

I know quarantines and lockdowns impacted people in many different ways.  For some, it was a much needed break from a busy lifestyle, tons of “extra time” to re-allocate to projects and self-care; for others, a hectic juggling act of working from home while taking care of a family; and for many, somewhere in between.  For me, quarantine, for better or for worse, gave me a microscope to zoom in, over analyze every aspect of my life, and zero in on the many house projects that we’ve been putting off.  After 12 months of that, and nothing to break it up or distract me, I’m ready for some escapism! 

My hope is that this month not only brings you a little warmer weather with the Spring Equinox, but also a little reprieve from your COVID grind and a extra dose of hope and optimism for the rest of year.  

On The Calendar

After delaying the trip two times due to COVID, our Cali road trip it’s finally happening and I could not be more excited.  We leave at the end of the month and start our trek down to The Golden State.  First stop, San Francisco for a week and then a few nights in Big Sur to cap off the month at the luxurious Ventana’s {thank you racked up travel points from 2020}.  After Big Sur, we’re planning to make our way down to LA where we will spend the month of April before heading back up north.  I-cannot-wait.


I’ve been seeing The Artists Way every where lately and have only heard good things.  As someone who’s struggled to fully harness, or perhaps fully allow, my creativity, I’m very intrigued by the book and it’s reviews. In short it “guides readers in uncovering problems areas and pressure points that may be restricting their creative flow and offers techniques to free up any areas where they might be stuck, opening up opportunities for self-growth and self-discovery.” I will keep you posted!

Listening To

I probably very late to the party on this one, but I stumbled across an invite to Clubhouse and, not gonna lie, I’ve kind of been loving it.  If you’re someone who loves discussion, picking peoples brains on certain topics, or learning from other people’s experiences, I feel like you would love it.  Naturally, I gravitate towards business, marketing, content creation and industry related rooms, but there’s really something for everyone.  Are you on Clubhouse?  I have a few invites so if you are looking for one, shoot me a message!

On My List

With our upcoming trip to I’ve gone full Spring Summer mode and plan on picking up this white linen shirt that I’ve been lusting over since last Summer and a this matching cotton knit top and bottom.  

My Dad got me this WNU shirt for my birthday and I’m officially obsessed.  So much so that I’m going to replace an old white button down with their poplin one.  It’s the perfect oversized button down. {For reference, I take a size XS}.

I’ve also got my eye on Naked Cashmere’s cotton cashmere loungewear {not that I need anymore…}, but I love that it’s a bit more elevated than some of the sweats that I’ve been wearing practically every day as of late.



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