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Even though things look a little, ok very, different this year, and my hopeful plans of a semi-normal Thanksgiving ultimately dissolved, I feel like it is all the more reason to really embrace the season of light and giving. We have been through a lot; and not just we as in me and my family, but we as a collective, a country, a world – we’ve been through a lot. So much has changed and at the same time not much has changed at all. My hope is that we can all use this month to take in some form of rest, spend time with family, celebrate the even the smallest of wins from this year and find hope in a brighter future. I know it feels like shit right now, this year has been hard, but I feel deep down in my bones that we will come out on the other side stronger, better; that we – both individually and collectively – are transforming each day without even knowing it.

On The Calendar

No surprise that we do not have much on the calendar. We are doing our best to lay low and fill the time with lots of cozy time my the fire, holiday movies, bottomless hot chocolate, and of course, baking cookies. We haven’t yet established any hard traditions around Christmas other than pancakes on Christmas morning, which, if you asked me is one important tradition! If we do anything for Christmas it will be small and intimate. We are doing our best to embrace the simple life!

New Years will be at home, circa 2016 when we got engaged on New
Years Eve! Originally we were planning on being in San Francisco to kick off a month long road trip in California, but with COVID cases rising and much of the state shutting down, we postponed it until hopefully early 2021. Instead we’re doing our best to take the last 2 weeks of the year completely off from work, something we haven’t done all year! I’m hoping to spend the time cleaning out old projects and “stuff”, reflecting on the year, and looking ahead to 2021 and what I want create and accomplish.

Listening To

I’ve always dabbled in astrology; birth chart reading here, a check in reading every now and then. It’s always been something that I’ve been mildly fascinated and intrigued by. With the Great Conjunction happening at the end of this month and the annual reflection-intention energy that happens when one year ends and another begins, I’ve definitely been reading up on what’s happening in the cosmos. I really enjoyed Jenna Zoe’s podcast episode with Ruth Nahmias and recently subscribed to Chani Nichols astrology app and love it. It’s the most tailored astrology that I’ve gotten outside of a one-on-one reading!

It wouldn’t be the holidays if I didn’t have some jazz playing. I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but I always love having jazz on {I’m partial to good ole Charlie Brown} while I cook, lounge, eat, you name it. I usually just pop on this playlist!


On the topic of astrology, I’ve also been reading a lot about it! I already mentioned Chani Nichols app, but I also purchase Nadine Astrology’s 2021 Guide and felt it was spot on, like spookily spot on.

I also have spent some time reading articles and blog posts that I’ve had open for months. One of my favorites was Ashley Kane’s piece on living a life to the fullest. I highly recommend it if you’re feeling drained or uninspired, or simply if you want a new perspective on life.

On My List

Apparently not much as changed since March, because I’m still very focused on loungewear. Right now, i’ve got my eyes peeled for knit sets, wide leg pants, and ribbed anything. Below are a few that I’ve spotted and loved!

Cult Gaia Sierra Sweater and Piper Pant – I’ve had my eye on these for a while, but am not sure which color to try. They are a wool-cashmere blend so a little bit more durable than straight cashmere, but still high on the cozy factor.

Rue Stiic knitwear – probably more warm weather appropriate, but these have been on my list for the past few months. I was originally leaning towards the pants and a tee, but I’m loving the dresses as well!

LETT knitwear – I’ve been very curious about his brand for a while, before they were bought by Verishop. I can’t really get a read on them, their level of sustainability and what the story is behind the brand, but I do like the cut of their silhouettes. They feel slightly more refined than a knit jogger. Love this top and bottom set!

Naked Cashmere – I will never say no to a cashmere jogger set. Their Alabaster color is soooo dreamy, paired with a good wool coat and a pair of boots? I’m so here for it.

Wishing you and your family a safe, happy, and healthy holiday and happy New Year!



P.S. All of these images and their original sources can be found here.

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