March Mood ’20

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Hello March! And with that a little bit more sunshine and slightly warmer temps in Portland. 

In years past I’ve never really noticed the arrival of March.  In the past March and February always blurred together.  The weather was pretty much the same here in Portland – rainy, grey and if you’re lucky, a couple days of sunshine and +50 degree days.  But this year, March has more or less felt like spring and brought a much need breath of fresh air and inspiration. Just when we all really needed it. 

With warmer weather and sunny days, I always notice a shift in my energy – a bit more pep in my step, more motivation and a wide eyed view of my surroundings.  I’ve been particularly inspired this month when it comes to writing and creating content for the blog.   I have an endless list of topics that I want to write about and, what feels like, a not so endless amount of time!  As BRANWYN has been growing, I’ve been spending more time on the business, which is great, but it also means that there’s less time for my personal projects unless I want to sacrifice sleep or quality time with Chris.  Such is the nature of being a multi-hyphenated individual with lots of interests. Things are always in flow and as long as one is present to how they are feeling and what they need and then take action on it, life will always normalize.  

On The Calendar

We have our first trip of the year planned this month!  If you know or follow me, then you most definitely know about my love of sun and sand, and my deep appreciation for West LA.  We typically try to get down there twice a year at minimum {I would go more if I could!  If you know anyone that has a cheap long term rental please email me!}.  We had a nice long weekend planned this weekend, but unfortunately decided to move it out since it is not “necessary” travel.  With everything going on and the fact that we see our +60 year old parents weekly, we didn’t want to increase the risk exposing our parents to it.  So now, our personal calendar this month is wide open so we’re going to spend a lot of time spring cleaning around the house and brainstorming how we’re going to furnish our condo! 

On My List

Oddly enough I haven’t been dying to shop for spring. Probably because I’ve had “clean out closet” on my to-do list for months and I feel a bit guilty bringing new items in without getting a handle on what I currently own and need.  That being said, I have noticed that I have a huge hole in my basics and denim department which is what I’m always reaching for lately.  I’ll be keeping an eye out for high-waisted {always} denim in mid to light washes along with black and white tops that I can easily toss on under a blazer or pair with one of my  midi skirts in the spring.  In my mind, every girl should have at least one white tee and one black tee that she absolutely loves {I typically prefer an oversized fit and have been loving For Days 90’s tee} in addition to an oversized white button down and a few solid pairs of denim. I recently purchased this long sleeve princess sleeve tee and love it as an alternative to a basic white long sleeve! 

Listening To

I know I am by no means new to this bandwagon, but I’ve been having a serious Maggie Rodger’s moment. Fallingwater literally on repeat. 





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